KARIM MBAYE - Founder and Director of Agida C.I.C.


Enter the realm of Géwël, Karim Mbaye, Teggkat Sabar, member of the Mbaye Family of Kaolack and Master Drummer from Senegal.

Senegal, known as the 'Land of Teranga', an embodiment of hospitality in the Wolof language, exuding boundless warmth. Amid this concept, Karim's exceptional gift lies in his expression of trust through that Teranga hospitality and the sharing of his life's art. Collaborating with Karim ushers you into a sacred circle of hospitality, a pact that must be revered and unbroken. This circle thrives on the principles of Teranga, forming the core of his teachings.

As a distinguished guest in Karim’s workshops, be ready to embrace a spirit of tolerance for differences, and recognise the immense learning that comes from shedding preconceptions and embracing cultural exchange.

Navigating new environments and experiences demands a heightened sensory awareness. Avoid challenges and instead, adapt. Trust your instincts and maintain composure. Ease into your surroundings and let your mind and body free. Let the drums guide you, let Karim hold space and let your creativity speak.

Karim’s radiant smile illuminates every interaction, his conversations form intricate dances, and he is always resonating from the beats of his national music, and vibrant rhythms that trace their origins to ancient initiation ceremonies, now embellished with energetic, staccato drums and luminous lyrics.